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About us

SafeWork365 was established 2017 to provide Health and safety Consultancy and Training

Our health and safety services are designed to try and simplify health, safety and environmental management for businesses. All projects undertaken are completed under the direct supervision of a certified and qualified consultant with support provided by our consultant team.
Our aim is to support organisations in discharging duties under the relevant statutory requirements and keeping abreast of the current, amended, new or proposed laws that affects all businesses

A large number of businesses we have come across have a need for personal support (in-house of just advisory), to help them develop a system for managing their health and safety. We can provide part time and temporary cover to your business at competitive rates.

At SafeWork365 we create safe work environments. To ensure that these safety practices are being upheld, we write health and safety policies and procedures. We will also provide training to staff about their responsibilities to ensure that there is effective implementation.

‘If you think safety is expensive then try having an accident’

We will provide health and safety environment information for:

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